• californian wines

    In a 3 days tour in Napa Valley you can visit two well recommended wineries, like Cliff Lede and Far Niente, and 3 great restaurants such as Zu Zu, Angéle and Oenotri.

  • Foto Embratur

    Alberto Landgraf from Epice restaurant; Jefferson Rueda from Attimo and André Mifano from Vito, make a part of Sao Paulo new chef generation.

  • gaston yelicich

    After a couple of year in Sao Paulo, Uruguayan chef Gastón Yelicich returned to Punta del Este to open Cuatro Mares, a family style restaurant near the lighthouse.

  • Mocotó. Embratur

    The Oliveira’s opened Mocotó in the 70’s, a traditional cachaçeria, where they serve jerky, manioc based dishes and pork. Now, one of the sons, Rodrigo, opened a next door fine dining restaurant called Esquina Mocotó, following a contemporary cuisine movement that involves many other local chefs.

  • cocina argentina la panaderia

    Find where to eat modern cuisine and shop food related gadgets in Buenos Aires.